Affiliates and Programs

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As we share a common goal of keeping today's kids healthy and active with local sports organizations and schools, we offer a variety of sports programs through our affiliates. In addition to our very popular soccer programs, we are now formally introducing volleyball, yoga and youth fitness programs. With newly hired qualified staff we are now prepared to expand and expose our kids to new activities in a fun and positive environment.

With our Positive Coaching Alliance Seal of Commitment we bring to every session a new experience as we incorporate our philosophy to teach the importance of sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork and the staying active or being involved. Prizes are given out at the end of all sessions for positive encouragement.

We are a local group working closely with community sports clubs, coaches, schools and other organizations, providing us access to professionally qualified, licensed & experienced staff. Check out the brief description to all of our sports programs, and if you're interested in scheduling an after school activity, please don't hesitate to give me a call.


Let us bring the joy of the beautiful game to your school with programs specifically designed to develop healthy, active, and positive students through challenging, yet fun, soccer related activities. Our interactive skill-building games vary from week to week with ball to foot and eye to foot coordination, utilizing a range of equipment from fitness balls, hurdles, ladders, to water balloons and basic speed and agility games and relay races that benefit kids playing any sport.


Or philosophy expands as we introduce the fundamentals of basic skill development pertaining to the sport of volleyball while cultivating a positive environment for the youth. These basic skills can be anywhere from, but are not limited to: foundation of the fundamentals, and knowledge of the sport to include basic stances, serves, set ups, passes, bumps etc. Our program encourages all young girls and boys to join and play the sport while having fun. We provide clinics, practices, one-on-one skill support and strengthening sessions.

Youth Yoga

This class is a time to align the young and creative minds of the kids with some fun and powerful yoga techniques to focus their mind and build coordination. Basic poses are learned in a very playful environment so kids enjoy the process of learning yoga. This class blends traditional yoga postures, breathing, and relaxation techniques with music, movement, and a serious amount of fun to nurture happy, healthy bodies and minds. Yoga helps children develop better body awareness, self-control, flexibility, and coordination, and they carry these skills beyond the class into their daily routines. We love to see their faces light up and smile because of yoga!

Youth Fitness

The most general of our programs, we seek to empower children to embrace exercise while having fun and learning the fundamentals of fitness - agility, balance, coordination and strength. Kids just want to have fun and it is possible to show them the enjoyment of exercise while improving health and fitness. The class covers the following components:

1) Agility, Balance, Coordination and Strength training drills.

2) Introduction to the basic components of fitness, cardiovascular, endurance and strength.

3) Motor skills development and enhancement.

4) Sports skills and drills.

5) Fitness games.